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Why you shouldn't trust free healers online

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The internet can be a great resource for anyone looking for connections to people offering services to provide healing.  It can also be a minefield of unscrupulous people offering healing from anything to anxiety to cancer, and unfortunately, it is easy to get scammed while looking for legitimate help.

Long distance healing is appealing to those who are looking for a remote reiki session, a chakra balancing, or anything along those lines—but it has become really difficult to sort out the legitimate from the scams.

The biggest area of scamming is occurring on sites and forums that put you in touch with “free healing sessions.”

If you’re down and out, have a question, or just feel like you need a reset, you’re likely to come across a site or two offering free healing sessions while looking for local practitioners.  Reiki and other types of energy work are not free, so it can be appealing to those who are looking for a quick fix to find someone who is willing to work on you for free.

But it isn’t always out of the goodness of their heart.  Offering free healing sessions opens up the already vulnerable to a practitioner who may not really be “linking into your energy field” or who may try to entice you with more information through a paid session.  You should be very wary of healers who promise more information with a full session, or who drop hints about some future unsettling event that will stay in the back of your mind until you have to scratch the itch and find out what they were talking about.  In some cases, this just leads further and further into more breadcrumbs that ultimately may not leave you with any answers.

It isn’t necessarily that they are offering it remotely that is a problem, but it’s more about not charging for the healing that should raise a red flag.  Also, the extent of healing that they promise they can fulfill is also something you should be paying attention to.  Someone who claims they can hook into your auric field and cure you of a lifetime disease or eradicate a tumor in one go should be approached with caution.

Real healing does exist and does happen, but it’s not likely that someone with great healing skills would need to offer their services online—or for free.

If you’re interested in healing, seek out a real person and investigate their offices, education, and practices.  It’s still possible to get scammed even if you do all your homework, so be sure that you’re going into these situations with open eyes.  It’s hard to tell if it’s working, but like all spiritual things, it’s the power of your belief that will determine how it works for you.  Just be sure that the people you invite into your energy field, world, or wallet are truly trying to help you.


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