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The Wellness Compass is better than ever, and it’s grown!

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We’ve been working hard the past few months to bring you the quality you’ve grown to enjoy in the Wellness Compass newsletters, now expanded into a brand-new website!  

Our new website expands wellness into more areas of life to guide you towards relevant information and discussions centered around more diversified topics—because we believe that wellness extends into all the parts of your life.

We are excited to engage you in topics that focus on a broader sense of wellness coming to the site twice weekly so you can enjoy more of the cutting-edge scientific studies, current trends, and lifestyle material you currently receive.

In addition to the new content, you’ll find all the past articles you’ve read on the Wellness Compass archived so you can find and share old favorites!

You will still receive newsletters from Nootropedia which will still deliver free, high-quality content to your inbox on Tuesdays and help you transition to reading over at Explored Wellness.  Explored Wellness is not a paid subscription site–it's our goal to continue to provide a great resource to the public, like we started with Nootropedia.com.  (Don't worry, Nootropedia isn't going anywhere!)

We'll continue to focus on brain and cognitive enhancement in our Mind + Body topics; discuss personal and global Environment; offer interesting navigation through well-being related to Work and Money; provide thought-provoking insights and strategies for Family + Social life; and explore emotional and spiritual wellness through the Heart + Soul.

Check out ExploredWellness.com where you can sign up for updates when new posts are added! You don't want to miss out on our new Thursday posts!

Thank you to the Readers

I started this journey with all of you nearly a year ago, and I couldn't do it without you.  Thank you all for leaving a little room in your lives to read my articles and for all the emails, interactions, questions, and responses along the way.

I hope that I've made as much of a difference in your lives as sharing this work with all of you has made in mine.



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