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Top 5 Best Gifts for Hikers

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Nothing is better than getting out into nature, especially in these confining times.  What are some of the best gifts you can give to encourage friends and family to hit the trails safely?  We’ve rounded up five of the best gifts for hikers, walkers, and everyone in between.  Whether they’re beginners or experts, everyone can find gear in their price range to make their hikes more enjoyable!

1)  YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

With up to 21 colors to choose from, this is the best insulated hot & cold cup you can find.  It’s shatter-resistant, BPA free, and insulated with a double wall of stainless steel.  It’s an affordable way to keep your favorite drinks within arms reach while hiking and camping.

2) Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern

There’s no need to rush home when the sun sets with this solar powered lantern.  It can give light for up to 35 hours when used on the low setting—and it’s got plenty of light settings!  It has 3 different light settings and even a candle flicker setting.  What really sold us on this solar lantern is that it’s collapsible so you can always find room for it at the bottom of a backpack!

Amazon offers the “Crush Light” in original white or select “Crush Light Chroma” for more colors and a multi-color mode.

3) Xenvo Shutterbug – Camera Shutter Remote Control 

One of the best stocking stuffers on our list, this remote camera shutter button works with iPhones, Google, and Android phones and tablets to give you handsfree selfies and photos up to 30 feet of roaming space!

 4)  Big Blue Solar Phone Charger

This is one of my absolute must-haves to ensure that I can get my phone to work reliably no matter where I am.  I may not have a signal everywhere but knowing that all I need is the sun to keep my battery full takes a lot of worry out of spending time outdoors.

The hooks on the folding solar charger are perfect for attaching carabiners and letting it hang over your backpack while you’re out.

5) Garmin InReach Mini Satellite Communicator

For those times when you are too far out to get a cell signal or find yourself in an emergency, having this device makes it well worth the investment.  Even if you can’t get a cell signal, this device locks into the global Iridium network via a small subscription and lets you send and receive texts, as well as trigger SOS messages with an emergency response team.  If you’re fond of long journeys and extended campouts, this will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. 

Enjoy greater freedom to roam where you want this coming year!


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