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Pre-surgical music reduces need for Pain-killers

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The power of music has been reinforced with a recent meta-analysis study published last month. The team of physicians investigated if listening to music before and after surgery impacted surgical cost, recovery time spent in hospital, and amount of medications used.  The period before and after surgery is referred to as the perioperative period and includes admission, prep, recovery, and hospital stay.

Using over 8 databases and acquiring information from January 2019 until the publication date in July 2019, the team discovered that listening to music in the hospital before surgery actually reduced the amount of opioid pain relievers needed after surgery.  It even reduced the amount of anesthetic medications needed during the procedure, and the patient’s level of sedation did not change despite having less anesthetics.  This meant the cost of surgery decreased as well.

The meta-analysis did not show a significant reduction in hospital stay/recovery time, but it does show a promising and simple method which can reduce the amount of opioids that are prescribed and hopefully reduce the amount of addiction that many people face after surgery.


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